Monday, 22 June 2009

whiplash girl-child in the dark

Favourite picks from the H&M Fall/Winter 2009 lookbook.

The below garments will have deserving places awaiting them in my wardrobe.

Were I also daring enough/could somehow get over my slight distaste for velvet this dress would be mine in an instant. The huge bulging sleeves are something very special. Teaming them with the peplum belt above is just genius (something else I'm lusting after).

Some of the menswear lookbook photos were equally as good. Aim this winter is to adapt back into something other than tights and leggings.

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  1. those shorts are amaze.
    and the peplum belt! love.

    as for the velvet dress - i also have an aversion to velvet, its not the easiest to pull off/nicest of fabrics, but last year I found a purple velvet dress in a charity shop and it was fabulous, and since then I've come to like it...only a little though. i don't know whether I'd be too keen on that dress.

  2. Ooooh, youre so lucky!!!! I really want that highwaisted shorts. I only got the chance to buy the jacket coz the shorts was sold out everywhere. Still searching for it. Maybe it will pop up one day on ebay.