Tuesday, 30 June 2009

sick of social graces

"This season Takahashi notes that he was inspired by white, fluffy creatures with luminous eyes called "Graces." These creatures, invented by Takahashi, keep their distance from humans. A secret organization called Gila, he says, has succeeded in breeding and protecting the Graces. Gila also has played a crucial role in fostering a relationship between both the Graces and the human species. To illustrate this notion, Takahashi made dolls (which looked somewhat like a cross between an alien and a monkey with luminous eyes and a light on the tip of their tails), which rested on the shoulders of a few of the mannequins that were set-up in the center of the gallery space."

Jun Takahashi's Graces. I came across this exhibition on Sea Of Shoes. I'm crazy about the concept behind this. They strike me as benevolent and innocent yet slightly melancholic and haunting. So eerily beautiful.

Another I sorely wish I could have gone to... hell, going to Tokyo in general. 9 years in the waiting. I love the peculiarity of things like this.

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