Thursday, 23 April 2009

Just let it be yeah yeah yeah...

The rest of my yesterday:
Helping to sell cupcakes for Manchester Dogs Home
Going for sushi
Falling in love with a Marc Jacobs jumper in Selfridges (which I can't find any images of)

(I am in dire need of a new camera)

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Clare Tough & knitting

( Clare Tough, graduate MA 2004 of Central Saint Martins )

How incredible are those shoes!

I would expect a lot of knit inspiration posts for a while. Being back at uni means more knitting, more research, yum! I'm finding my search for knitted interiors a lot more successful so far as well. My weave tutor is still sceptical about applying knit to interiors, but I'm determined to prove him wrong.

We're being taught how to knit socks on Thursday, bless (as well as a introduction to crochet? YES). Our tutor is wants us to design a pair each to display altogether (washing line? It would be so sweet) but it looks like only my friend and I are equally as enthusiastic about this idea.

I'm off to do a little online yarn shopping!

PS. PJ Harvey & John Parish - Sixteen, Fifteen, Fourteen
I'm ridiculously excited for Yeah Yeah Yeahs tomorrow, but I am wetting myself about seeing these two on Friday.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Cloudberries, Michael Longley

You give me cloudberry jam from Lapland,
Bog amber, snow-line tidbits, scrumptious
Cloudberries sweetened slowly by the cold,
And costly enough for cloudberry wars
(Diplomatic wars, my dear).

Imagine us
Among the harvesters, keeping our distance
In sphagnum fields on the longest day
When dawn and dusk like frustrated lovers
Can kiss, legend has it, once a year. Ah,
Kisses at our age, cloudberry kisses.

I have had the best day, separately, with two people who mean very much to me. The latter especially. We played pool for hours, talked about our ambitions, Rome, whilst I read his poetry.

It's such a shame I have to go back to Manchester on Saturday. I'm looking forward to spending my summer in Belfast more than ever.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

So this is the ship they say is unsinkable.

3 years short of a century ago today the Titanic sank. I never cared a huge deal for the film, but seeing as the ship was built in the city I live in, we learnt a lot about it and Harland & Wolff in Primary school.
(aside from the accents and my parents, seeing the H&W shipyard cranes is one of the first things that makes me feel at home again when I come back).

Belfast Titanic City

I came across this Titanic-style editorial by Eugenio Recuenco a while ago, I thought it the perfect time to share.

Dance like a jellyfish

Arcylic on plastic bags by Kara Daving

Monday, 13 April 2009

Before Attack, Hoist A Black Flag

This is such a good shoot. Well. Most of it. I can't get on board the one particular image of a 27 year old sat in a skate park with 15 year olds.

Some more Rodarte.

That hair! ♥

I think after the numerous months I've lusted after these All Saints military boots (ever since the store opened here) and my failure at trying to find a suitable, cheaper imitation, it's safe to say I'm not going to get these out of my head until they're mine. It is my birthday in 11 days afterall... and getting my job back over summer is looking very optimistic.

Why is the rum gone?

I wouldn't say no to anyone who offered to whisk me off my bootstraps with some Cap'n Morgan.


Some more of Sabyasachi Mukherjee's Spring/Summer 2009 collection, Sanctuary. It is an eclectic collection loosely inspired by the paintings of Emil Nolde and Paul Gauguin. Loving the sheer blouses covered in large sequins.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

She sells sea shells by the sea shore.

I've been gorging as mentioned before on Guylian chocolate shells all day. Maybe that's why I'm still looking at runway at 2.30am. I'm not used to eating chocolate.

I really have a thing for scallops, whether singly or grouped to mimic scales. They're the most simple kind of seashell. I always think back to the Portaferry Seafood Festival my brother and I would go to with our dad when we were younger, how we bargained with him in return for pretty much clearing out the stock of free oysters (because we had no shame obviously and the organisers apparently couldn't say no to two little children).

I saw the most beautiful cream, sheer, beaded shrug in Topshop the other day (which isn't on the website, boo). Please be in Manchester come loan time!

I bought this teacup set on Etsy last summer. So cheap, only $10 all in at the time (which was around £5, boo current exchange rate). It's one of the most beautiful things I own. It sits on my shelf at uni beside my sea urchins.

The Spring 2009 collections were bursting with inspiration taken from scallops. Here is a few of my favourite picks.

Christopher Kane, Spring/Summer 2009. This reminds me of shape making class... creating garments ideas from simple 2D shapes. As a whole, I don't like this collection. I detest animal print. But the sheer scallops above won me over.

Chloé, Spring/Summer 2009. This colour palette is perfect. Chartreuse, beige, cream, bluebell, green, and apricot. I'm not usually into summer fashion, but this collection is something special. In particular the sheer forest blouse pictured right.

Eley Kishimoto tights, Spring/Summer 2009. Honestly, I didn't really like the garments themselves in this collection. A little too twee for my tastes. But the tights! Scalloping and dip dye? What's not to adore.

Sabyasachi, Spring/Summer 2009. I'm a bit new to Sabyasachi but good god do I like what I see! I feel a post all of his own coming on in the morning.

Jean Paul Gaultier, Spring/Summer 2008 couture. Just because I do love mermaid fashion.

I am already grown up, I just get older.

Léon the Professional is my all time favourite movie. The most capivating thing about this film (aside from Gary Oldman's spectacular as always bad guy portrayl)? A 13 year old Natalie Portman's performance as Mathilda. It is flawless. As is little Mathilda's style.

(click for bigger)

Other things that are making me very happy this weekend:
1. Guylian chocolate shells. All my aunts and uncles have come to Belfast for easter weekend. I now have enough chocolate to last me the rest of the year.
2. Magners (not Bulmers) cider. My dad always makes sure we're in constant supply when I come home now. I've been sat in the garden all day cider and book in hand.
3. Beautiful boys with dreadlocks.
4. Plastic garden flamingos.
5. A young 1991 Eddie Vedder.