Monday, 6 April 2009


If I could only wear one accessory for the rest of my days, it would be scarves. They make an outfit to me. I feel so naked without one. I need to invest in more chunky knit scarves (I have either lost mine or had them stolen in shitty bars), but since they are out of season now I may just try handknitting a few (if I'm going to continue being a knitter, I need to tackle my fear of knitting larger things - although I'm doing quite well with the machine knits).

I adore this girls look. I find neutral, muted colours so much more exciting (this proves to make my textiles colour book rather tough since my tutor reckons my colour palettes always look the "same").

1. Mira Jakobsen 2. Slåinmejifolie Doepel 3. Marla Singer 4. N ! 5. Paul-william De silva

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