Saturday, 11 April 2009


Not a day goes by anymore where I don't regret giving my mother the go ahead to give my 14 year old self's mohair sweater to the charity shop. Albeit the thing was pink and black horizontal stripes, but it was the perfect sweater to laze around in. I think after breaking up with my boyfriend of the time in 2007 I went out of my way to give myself a new image, something that wouldn't associate me with him. I even dyed over my signature red hair to black (although, the years of dyeing it red were really taking its toll). Since then I think I've regressed back to who I really am. I'm grungey, messy, scatty. And I'll be attacking my hair no doubt with bleach over the summer.

I've seen a lot of DIY versions of the Rodarte Spring/Summer 2009 collection, and I think it's about time I tried my own. Since I've been on the waiting list for the embroidery project for 3 weeks now, I switched to the knit project which focusing on garment construction which is even more reason to give it a go. Now to work out a colour palette...

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