Sunday, 3 May 2009

Squid Rings

Inbetween watching The Mighty Boosh (for the first time might I add, and I love it!) whilst on the exercise bike and doing my laundry, I've been scouring Etsy this evening for earrings. I used to have an obsession with buying new ones, my collection is a tad ridiculous, but I'm now either bored of them or else my ears just can't cope with the weight of my favourites. Boo.

I came across Octopus Me and I think I'm a little in lust. My sad little student budget means it's not to be however.

Usually me and little holes and clusters don't mix... I get freaked out by bubbling rice! Kind of funny since octopi are one of my favourite sea creatures.


  1. These are so incredible, I'm checking them out now!


  2. oh they look kind of gross yet kind of pretty at the same time: i like it!