Sunday, 3 May 2009

Keep Candles Handy

I've been so busy with uni and the house I've forgotten all about this little thing. I still have PJ Harvey photos to post and manymany new purchases I would like to share with you all. Unfortunately, my camera gave up the ghost... a half hour before Bob Dylan came on stage on Friday. Not that I could see him very well, but him & his band were just oooh incredible! Another entry for that as well I think at some stage. I've come to really enjoy doing bigger things like that alone. I get to meet so many more interesting people.

For now, an editorial from May 2009's ID. I've got a busy evening of tidying the empty flat and doing more sock designs. I have the new Patrick Wolf advance to keep to company though :) (less than a month until my friend and I go to see him. My life as begun to revolve around gigs. Pearl Jam are touring August as well now).

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